All-In-one building intelligence Solution

Anevo is the leading solution for comprehensive building sensing needs, delivering reliable and cost-effective data to operate your assets more sustainably and efficiently.

Problems we solve

One source for building automation

Anevo empowers organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals across a wide range of use cases by providing a trusted foundation for building data.


Improve energy efficiency to minimize carbon footprint while promoting healthier indoor environments.

Operational Efficiency

Increase productivity, streamline workflows, and optimize asset utilization.

Ocupant Experience

Prioritize user comfort and high air quality, actively improving user experience and facilitating productivity.

Saftey & Compliance

Supporting reporting on ESG, Health & Safety, and compliance data, while ensuring safe environments.

How we solve it

Sustainable, accurate, and connected Building sensing

Works with Your Existing Data

Harness the power of your building's data streams. Autonomous analyses provide insights about energy consumption and occupancy in minutes, revealing a range of optimization opportunities.

  • Advanced algorithms replace manual analytics

  • Supports analysis of historic and real-time data

  • Enabling predictive building control

Smart Sensing Capabilities

Where existing data points are not granular enough, wireless intelligent sensor nodes can be deployed to analyse building occupancy.

  • Plug-and-play deployment, installed in minutes

  • Sensor fusion allows you to do more, with less

  • Battery-free sensors mean no maintenance required

Data Made Actionable

Unlock new insights about your assets and its utilization, including external data. Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms to extract actionable insights enables you to excel in your building operations.

  • Making data-analytics effortless for everyone

  • User-centric application simplifies workflows

  • Notifications about maintenance and anomalies

Seamless Integrations

Bidirectional connections with building automation systems enable the use of diverse data sources for analytics and optimised control strategies.

  • Interoperable with your existing building control system

  • Effortless integration of 3rd-party data points

  • Enables closed-loop predictive control


The Value Anevo
Provides You

Advanced Data Processing

Unlock hidden potential from your buildings. Our solution combines your existing data with external sources and processes it using cutting-edge algoriths. Gain complete understanding from the daily data generated by your assets.

Building Insights

Analyzing your building data reveals valuable insights into how your assets are utilized. This processed and logged data forms the foundation for both predictive control of your building automation systems and fully automated reporting on ESG, health, and safety criteria.

Emission and Cost Reduction

Equipped with this valuable information, building operators can optimize automation systems to pinpoint areas for reducing energy  consumption, associated emissions, and operational costs, contributing to a greener tomorrow.

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