energy Data Made Simple

Anevo is the leading solution for comprehensive utility data insights, delivering real estate managers the foundational data necessary to optimize, report on, and decarbonize their asset portfolios.

Problems we solve

One source for More Sustainable Assets

Anevo empowers real estate companies of various sizes to achieve their goals across multiple use cases by providing a trusted foundation of utility data.

Data Standardization

Increasing efficiency by eliminating manual data collection and processing, which is time-consuming and error prone.

Energy Reporting

Reporting energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your asset portfolio, and keeping up-to-date with reporting requirements.

Asset Optimization

Using real consumption data to monitor the effects of asset optimization.

Enhancing Value

Future-proof your asset value by making its energy consumption and optimization potential transparent.

How we solve it

A solution Connecting Real Estate Companies to Utilities

Unified Energy Data Platform

A simple and convenient way to access and standardize energy data from across your entire portfolio on one single platform, additionally leveraging the granular data of smart meters.

  • Integrate with utility provider, and other data sources

  • Standardizing different data formats

  • Providing a single, unified data source

Automatic Reporting

Delivering energy reports and portfolio consumption insights at various levels of detail, with a user-friendly interface, enabling one-click generation of annual or quarterly sustainability reports.

  • Compliance Reporting made simple and comprehensible

  • Without manual processing of consumption data

  • Enabling benchmarking with historic and external data

Continuous Asset Optimization

Continuously improving asset performance enabled by advanced algorithms that identify optimization potential, and subsequently monitor the effectiveness.

  • Making data-analytics effortless for everyone

  • Identifying consumption anomalies and outliers

  • Closely monitor CO2 reduction goals

Seamless Integrations

Providing standardized data to existing systems improves the efficiency of existing workflows, while integrating external data sources offers more detailed insights for various use cases.

  • Interoperable with your existing workflows, such as invoicing

  • Effortless integration of 3rd-party data points

  • Enhance existing business cases with real data


The Value Anevo
Provides You

Increase Data Quality

Unlock the full potential of your unified utility data. In a fragmented utility data landscape,  quality is key. Gain a holistic understanding of the daily data your assets generate and leverage it to achieve your sustainability and optimization goals.

Save Time

Automated reporting enables you to generate reports with a single click, freeing up time to focus on decarbonizing your asset portfolio. By automating these tasks, Anevo eliminates the need for manual data verification, and CO2 equivalent calculations.

Reduce Costs And Emissions

Empowering you to reduce energy costs and resulting CO2 emissions by identifying the true, untapped energy optimization potential of your asset portfolio. The only solution that lets you track your CO2 reduction target.

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